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Karin Nedela

“Once upon a time there was an old world full of wonder and wonderful stories. And in this wonderful world there lived a woman who wanted nothing more than to tell stories.

At the beginning she didn't know this. She lived an ordinary life as a bank employee, like millions of other people. Yet in her there was an unclear disquiet that grew and grew until she quit her previous life and began studying at an art academy.

Our heroine successfully completed her studies, but nobody had told her that the work was just beginning. Among other adventures she had to encounter were the writing and publishing of a book and, of course, a world journey.

For most people one of the two might have been enough, but the heroine of our story could not be satisfied with that alone.

So, in addition to her travelling in the real world, she undertakes journeys that might be described as time-travel. These time-travels lead into the historical and mythological past; into a country in which precision and imagination are of absolutely equal value.

There pitiless rulers are found, and deadly taboos, clever queens, lively ladies, wise women, beautiful destinies and sad tragedies, and over all the Goddesses reign. For these journeys one needs, just like in the land of reality, good preparation, an accurate eye, skill and courage.

The normal condition is the everyday routine: ordinary, uniform, repetitious, boring. But there are interruptions, not-everyday, adventures. The Great Goddess turns her ear to the Great Below; Jason goes off in search of the Golden Fleece, and at the end of the world a treasure is waiting.

Jason doesn't go voluntarily, his quest is a given task. But artists send themselves on their quest, and so begins the real journey.”

- Ulrike Stoltz (from the opening speech for my exhibition “Queens, Princes, Ladies & the Threads of Fate”, in the Galerie Zement, 2003 / translation: K.N.)