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Travel Photographs:

a) 7" x 9 ½ " (18x24 cm) price: € 90
b) 9 ½ x 12" (24x30 cm) price: € 155

Imaginary-Historical Portraits:

c) 7" x 9 ½ " (18x24) price: € 450
d) 9 ½ x 12" (24x30) price: € 765

plus € 12 handling and shipping (multiple orders: plus € 2 per photo).

Photographs are hand printed on silver-gelatine baryta paper, air-dried.
The imaginary-historical portraits are toned dark sepia and in part handcoloured.

Measurements refer to the actual photograph.
Paper sizes for a,c) : 9 ½" x 12" , for b,d): 12" x 16"
Signed and dated on the front, outside of the photograph

Posted airmail including passepartout and cardboard back in padded envelope or box.

Prints are made to order. Please allow approx. 8 days to complete.

Prints may be purchased online using PayPal (no PayPal acount is required).
If you are uncomfortable using online methods of payment,
please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Rights of Use
Private use solely allowed without extra permission
Duplication or Reproduction (private) only by arrangement.

Place of jurisdiction: Offenbach am Main