Karin Nedela deutsche version
Karin Nedela, Herzkönigin im Wunderland

Filled with yearning and unfulfilled wishes, the little girl Alice spends her childhood in a land of strange marsupials, exotic plants, snakes in the laundry and lizards under the house. But loneliness and fear are also part of this “wonderland”.

The adult Alice has a problem. Although, as an emancipated, grown-up woman, she really doesn't have a problem at all. Honestly. And yet ... a nice man, that wouldn't be too bad, would it? Promptly, she falls in love. Most unnecessarily, in her own opinion.

This book has several levels: the adventures of the child Alice in Australia and the quite ordinary love story of the woman Alice, meanwhile living in Germany, told in self-ironic, sometimes grotesquely exaggerated monologue. It isn't a “coming-of-age-story”, certainly not a “relationship tale”, but a composition with two themes, small variations, repetitions and modulations, and, not to be forgotten, deceptive cadence.

An English version of this book exists, under title of “Wombats in Wonderland”, as yet unpublished.