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Karin Nedela, Okapi/ Hanover Zoo,1968
Okapi/ Hanover Zoo,1968

When I was thirteen, my grandmother gave me a simple ADOX 35mm viewfinder camera. „Here, maybe you can find a use for this!,” she said.
Since that day photography has always been a part of my life. The keeping of a fleeting moment, the realization of contexts and backgrounds, but also a protecting shield against too many impressions.

I took my first pictures at the zoo. In the beginning I used black-and-white film. The prints were made at the camera shop. They were very small and had a white edge.
Meanwhile I have gone back to working in black-and-white, and on film. I do the developing and printing myself. Each print, on silver-gelatine baryta paper, is handmade and unique. For me, the dark-room work is an important part of the artistic process.